2018 Speakers

Our speakers deliver concise and impactful Bloom Talks about best practices in inclusion and equity. Be prepared to take notes as our experts share applicable tools, examples, and easy tips you can take into action immediately. 


"Spotting the Holes in Management that Promote & Prevent Inclusion"

Speaker: Jada Monica Drew

Description: Balancing multiple roles sometimes prevents managers from simultaneously seeing the big picture and the minute details. Although managers have the power to shape inclusive environments, demanding schedules can get in the way of long-term sustainable change. Learn how to spot opportunities for applying a more inclusive strategy to the overall transformation of your organization. Discover how to equip your team to spot the gaps that continuously prevent inclusion in your organizational culture. 



"Charming the Elephant: Embracing Conversations Around Difference"

Speaker: Zitty Nxumalo

Description: Inclusive workplace cultures have been repeatedly linked to positive outcomes in various areas including decision making, organizational competitiveness, revenue and profits. However, before organizations can enjoy real, lasting inclusion, we must learn how to effectively communicate across differences. This talk will present a series of practical communication tools for leading the kinds of conversations that yield results for addressing difficult conflict, differing opinions, and changing environments.



"Learning to Swim in a Sea of Compliance Laws"

speaker: Natalie Sanders

Description:  Ever felt like your legal department is hindering your diversity and inclusion efforts? This Bloom Talk will demystify the laws you are treading in your D&I efforts, and explore the real meaning of a legal compliance bullseye. Through exposure to behavioral and brain science concepts, participants will learn why satisfying legal requirements does not equate to an inclusive work environment. You will receive examples of specific laws and how to communicate why going beyond legal compliance is worth the effort.  



"A Space to Call Home at Work: Strategically Utilizing Employee Resource Groups"

speaker: Godfrey Plata

Description: Individuals from historically underrepresented communities often learn to navigate workplace culture on their own. As times continue to change, workplaces that value diversity and inclusion must aim to become more supportive of these leaders. This talk will share examples of how Employee Resource Groups mutually benefit their participants and their organizations. Participants will also learn how to build coalitions between resource groups for the overall inclusion of everyone the company serves.